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Research-grade optical tables

TMC optical tables

For vibration cancellation you can turn to us. We supply research-grade optical tables from the leading brand TMC. These optical tables are out of place in no optical laboratory, no matter how vibration sensitive the application may be. If you have a laboratory where you want to set up one single instrument vibration free, choose for a vibration damped workstation complete with armrests, shelves and the like.

Client-specific and catalogue optical tables

For OEM clients we deliver breadboard and honeycomb boards with wire grids. Fully tailored or directly out of the catalogue, for you to fit them into your machine while the optical setup on that board stays stable and aligned. Laser2000 provides it all.

How do you choose the right optical table?

Laser2000 is a high-tech distributor of photonics products and OEM design-ins. When you trust on our technical knowledge, you know you choose the right product for your application. That is how you make it work!

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