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High safety & performance glovebox

Gloveboxes and attachments

Laser 2000 supplies the most advanced, highest quality inert atmosphere glove boxes, glove box systems, gas cleaners, solvent purification systems, glove boxes for (OLED) thin film deposition equipment, evaporators and vacuum chambers.
These glovebox systems are designed to create a stable and safe environment in research and production environments.

For which applications do we supply glove boxes?

Laser2000 Benelux supplies its glovebox systems to R&D centers, universities, laboratories and various industries including chemistry, pharmaceuticals and nuclear, whereby no moisture, oxygen or solvents can be admitted during research and / or production.

Laser2000 supplies custom glove boxes for applications such as nanotechnology, display and flexible electronics industry, nuclear research, medical research, solar cell and perovskite research, battery development and coating systems.

Our quality features.

We supply our glove boxes with ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certification. The leak tightness of our KIYON glove boxes is specified as class 1 according to ISO10648-2. An example measurement of a KIYON glove box that comes out of production shows an O2 measurement (at -10mbar) that increases by approx. 1 ppm per hour. That is very well within the ISO class 1 limit of <0.05 Vol% / hour, even with mounted gloves.

Installation and maintenance.

Laser2000 Benelux provides full support for its glove boxes and associated equipment: From initial advice to installation, commissioning and troubleshooting. As a local distributor in the middle of the market, we are aware of the importance of local service. Call us at + 31-297-266191 to discuss your service needs.

This is how you choose the right glovebox

With years of technical knowledge on product and the market, you can expect the best solution from Laser2000. We guide you completely when purchasing a glovebox: from advice, delivery, installation to maintenance.

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