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Optical tables from world market leader TMC

Vibration damped tables for lasers & precision equipment

The TMC optical tables offer the ultra-stable support required for working with optical systems ranging from microscopes to Petawatt lasers. The tables provide the highest attainable stiffness and vibration damping

This is why you choose for an optical table by TMC:

  • Stiff steel side panels and special heat conduction
  • Honeycomb structure with highest density on the market
  • "Core" of the table glued directly to the top
  • Widths up to more than 2 meters possible
  • Customized table top and setup (stainless steel, wire holes, magnetic or non-magnetic, cleanroom ready, suitable for vacuum applications, level of vibration damping, etc.)

Active and passively damped optical tables

With the exclusive representation of TMC, Laser2000 offers the complete range of high-quality passive and active vibration-damped optical tables, workstations and breadboards. From more compact and ergonomic laboratory tables (CleanbenchTM) to the larger optical tables (Cleantop optical performance seriesTM).

TMC delivers products with active technology for the highest level of vibration damping. This can range from compact, active benchtop isolators (EverstillTM) to active workstations (Cleanbench activeTM). TMC also has the expertise to support highly sensitive equipment such as electron microscopes (SEMs and TEMs) and scanning probe microscopes (UHV-STM, AFM, ...) with active technology (SEM-BaseTM, LaserTable-baseTM, Tool-BaseTM, ... ).

Even when designing completely silent floor platforms (Quiet Islands) or discussing vibration isolation strategies when designing a new building, we would like to be your conversational partner together with TMC.

Which optical table is the right choice for you?

Whether you look for a standard size or customization, with the unrivalled Research Grade, Scientific Grade and Laboratory Grade Series we always offer the right optical table with TMC.

Are you still unsure about the right optical table for you or do you want a customized quote? Let us know, we are happy to help.

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Expert partner and supplier in optical tables

With years of experience in photonics, our profound technical knowledge will always be of use. Because of that, we can supply the best optical tables for any application, in any market:

  • Micro-electronics
  • Life sciences: microscopy, spectroscopy, NMR, electrophysiology
  • Laser-related setups: optical applications, holography, interferometry
  • Laboratory setups
  • Optomechanical setups
  • Vibration stabilization
  • Biomedical research
  • Mechanical engineering

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