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Femtosecond lasers by Spark Lasers

Compact femtosecond lasers for imaging and neuroscience

Spark Lasers is a manufacturer of compact femtosecond lasers for applications in imaging and neuroscience. The femtosecond lasers from Spark Lasers are small and easier to install, use and maintain. They are a very competitive alternative to the more expensive Ti:sapphire lasers. Interesting products from Spark Lasers are the AlcorTM 920 and 1064 nm.

This is why you choose Spark Lasers:

  • The very best performance for this class of lasers
  • Reliability/performance suitable for use on an industrial level
  • Install the laser yourself in 5 minutes and easy to use
  • Smart electronics on board
  • Air-cooled laser - no need for noisy chillers

The most important specifications of the AlcorTM:

Wavelength: 920 or 1064 nm
Pulse duration: 100 fs
Repetition frequency: up to 80 MHz
Average power: 1 or 2 W
Including GDD precompensation and Sync out trigger options.

The following article shows how the imaging depth, focus and contrast in 2P microscopy are all strongly enhanced by using this compact 920 nm, 100 fs fiber Laser.

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  • Neuroscience
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