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Femtosecond lasers by Light Conversion

Ultrafast femtosecond lasers

Since its founding in 1994, Light Conversion from Vilnius, Lithuania has gained a rock-solid reputation when it comes to building ultrafast femtosecond laser sources, amplifiers and OPAs. Of course, that reputation does not just fall out of the blue. In the meantime, more than 3000 systems have been installed at satisfied customers from very different markets.

Scientists appreciate the versatility of the Light Conversion systems, while industrial customers often have the Light Conversion systems in production environments 24/7.

To meet the most demanding applications, Light Conversion insists on maintaining the R&D, design and production of their systems all in-house.

Which amplifier is suitable for you?

The PharosTM is Light Conversion's most versatile femtosecond amplifier, while the Carbide is ultra-compact and cost-efficient. Both amplifiers, however, have a robust design that is suitable for both industrial and scientific customers.

Below are some relevant parameters of both systems:


Pulse duration
Pulse energy
Average power
Repetition rate
Single shot
Any base repetition rate division

1028 nm
190 fs - 10 ps
200 to 2000 μJ
6 to > 20 W
1 kHz - 1 MHz

1028 nm
290 fs - 10 ps
100 to > 800 μJ
5 to > 80 W
50 kHz - 2 MHz

Expand wavelength range or a total solution?

The PharosTM and CarbideTM amplifiers can further be equipped with harmonic modules (515, 343, 257 and 206 nm) or Orpheus OPAs that can be configured as required (possible output 190 nm - 20 μm).

Do you use transient absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence upconversion, time-correlated single photon counting (TC-SPC) or Stimulated Raman Scattering in your research? In that case you might be interested in the ultra-fast spectrometers and diagnostic equipment (HARPIATM, GECOTM, TIPATM) that Light Conversion can offer.

We are happy to give fitting advice on the product best suited for your application. If you already know exactly what you are looking for, we can immediately provide you with a fitting quotation.

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Expert partner and supplier in lasers

With years of experience in photonics, our in-depth technical knowledge always comes in handy. We know how to select the best femtosecond laser for every application, in every market, such as for:      

  • Femtochemistry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Micromachining
  • Material research
  • Automotive
  • LED
  • Medical devices
  • Transient absorption measurements
  • Fluorescence upconversion
  • Time-correlated single photon counting
  • Stimulated Raman Scattering
  • Multiphoton microscopy

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