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Femto Easy: a new standard in ultrafast laser measurements

The cutting edge of photonics

Ultrafast lasers are at the cutting edge of photonics technology, and measuring ultrashort pulses is a complex task; it even sometimes becomes a pain. That’s why Femto Easy’s products are designed to offer the best and easiest user experience while maintaining the highest accuracy.

Make ultrashort pulses measurement become easy!

Our current product-line includes all the useful instruments to characterize and manage ultrafast lasers. They are suitable for a broad wavelength range from UV to mid-IR and a large pulse duration range, from 5 fs to 80 ps.

Beside their intrinsic technical performances, our products are very easy to use, compact, portable and versatile, which make them the ideal tools for customer services. We also make custom products upon request and provide our expertise on ultrafast metrology.

That’s why you choose Femto Easy

  • Installed in only 2 minutes; with no calibration!

Our two major products – the ROC and the FROG come in an ultra compact (55x56x195mm) package for the long pulse model and a 55x56x265mm package for the fs one.

  • Accurate and alignment free

Every Femto Easy product is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements, whatever the experimental conditions. They can yield proper measurements without caring about the accuracy of the alignment.

  • Intuitive, powerful software

The products are associated with a high quality user-friendly software, designed to work with touch screen laptops. The Femto Easy STAR software can run either on Linux or Windows.

The Femto Easy product range

Expert partner and supplier of Femto Easy

With years of experience in photonics, our profound technical knowledge will always be of use. Because of that, we can tell you everything about the Femto Easy product range and the applications of its unique instruments for ultra-fast pulse measurements.

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