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User friendly goniometers by Viso Systems

BaseSpion, LightSpion, Labspion goniometers

Viso is a medium-sized manufacturer of goniometers, where some of the most brilliant and experienced professionals in the lighting industry work. Their mission is to provide luminaires producers with powerful yet easy-to-use control and measurement solutions, so that they can measure and document their own products better and faster without having to go to a certified lab.

‘Leasing is also possible!’

LabSpion; the flagship among the Viso Systems goniometers

The LabSpion farfield goniometer makes fast and shock-free measurements on luminaires due to its turning principle. This goniometer is equipped with a spectrometer sensor and / or a photometer for fast light measurements, making the use of integrated bulbs superfluous. The gonio, with standard built-in lamp power supply, is suitable for light sources with a diameter of up to 2 meters and a weight of up to 25 kg.

Viso also supplies more compact versions of this goniometer:

BaseSpion; goniometer for smaller fixtures

The BaseSpion farfield goniometer has the same functionality as the LabSpion, and also the same operating and analysis software. The size of the luminaires to be measured is limited to 56 cm and 9 kg.

LightSpion; easy to carry goniometer

The LightSpion farfied goniometer also uses the same software GUI, but is suitable for small luminaires up to 8 cm. The C-plane rotation is done manually here; the LightSpion is designed to measure small, rotationally symmetrical luminaires. The LightSpion fits easily (without the optional extender) in a suitcase.

This is why you choose a goniometer by Viso Systems:

  • Viso Light Inspector software with any light measuring system
    The software is very extensive and in addition to all conceivable light and colour analyses that belong to a report, the software also allows all kinds of corrections that you would like to make to correct mechanical alignment errors and the like. This Light Inspector software makes the Labspion gonio very user-friendly. Light Inspector is very up-to-date and analyses in accordance with S025, PAR calculations and TM30: 2018.
  • With Report Designer for reports in your corporate identity,without cut and paste and without asking others for help. Direct export to the client or website is possible in the desired format.

We are happy to give fitting advice on the product best suited for your application. If you already know exactly what you are looking for, we can immediately provide you with a fitting quotation.

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