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Solid-state lasers by Quantel

Nanosecond and tuneable dye lasers

The pulsed Quantel nanosecond solid-state lasers and tuneable dye lasers can be used in countless scientific and industrial applications. Global market leader Lumibird has been designing, producing and selling Quantel lasers worldwide for more than 50 years.

This is why you choose a Quantel laser:

  • Very large range of pulse energies, ranging from a few tens of millijoules to a few joules
  • Excellent "out-of-the-box" experience: the lasers can often be installed by the users themselves, without in-depth knowledge of lasers or optics
  • Intuitive use of laser and power supply
  • Easy maintenance: level of cooling water (with water-cooled lasers) can be read quickly and easily topped up
  • Industrial design which results in high reliability
  • Low maintenance costs and energy consumption
  • Switch between different harmonic wavelengths quickly and easily
  • High degree of flexibility for scientific applications or robustness for industrial applications

Flexible laser for scientific applications

If you need varying wavelengths for your scientific research, then a QSmartTM laser can be the ideal solution for you. The Quantel QSmartTM can be delivered with no less than 4 extra harmonic modules, so you can have and quickly switch between 1064, 532, 355, 266 and 213 nm from a single laser system.

Robust laser for demanding applications

Would you use the laser in an environment that is not as controlled as a scientific laboratory, such as using the lasers in water or gas flows, in wind tunnels or mounted on masts for wind measurements? In that case, Lumibird supplies compact single or double pulse lasers with less flexibility, but with more robust housings. These lasers are always subjected to the strictest vibration and thermal tests in order to guarantee their reliability in the longer term.

Which Quantel laser is suitable for you?

A Quantel laser is not a product that you choose from a catalogue and is therefore almost always custom-made. Let us know what your specific requirements are and for which application the laser is required. We will contact you for an interview, configure the laser to measure and prepare a suitable quotation for you quickly.

We are happy to give fitting advice on the product best suited for your application. If you already know exactly what you are looking for, we can immediately provide you with a fitting quotation.

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Expert partner and supplier in lasers

With years of experience in photonics, our profound technical knowledge will always be of use. Because of that, we can supply the best Quantel lasers for any application, in any market.

  • LIBS
  • Flash Photolysis
  • Ablation
  • PLD
  • Spectroscopy
  • OPO pumping
  • PIV
  • Photo acoustic imaging

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