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Optical parametric oscillators by OPOTEK

One-box automated tuneable OPO’s

For over 20 years, OPOTEK from Carlsbad, California has been designing and producing one-box optical parametric oscillators that can tune fully automatically from deep UV to mid-infrared. That wide range of wavelengths is available within seconds with a mouse click.

These compact, fully integrated OPOs are extremely user-friendly and can be deployed almost immediately upon arrival at the lab. That is what makes OPOTEK the world leader in building compact, tuneable OPO systems.

That is why you opt for an OPO from Opotek:

  • Compact: OPOTEK builds the smallest OPOs in the world
  • Robust and reliable: in some cases, the OPO can easily be moved from one lab to the other
  • User-friendly: No prior laser expertise required
  • Use out-of-the-box: limited installation required, in some cases no installation required
  • Automated: all OPO parameters can be controlled via the supplied user interface

Which OPO is suitable for you?

The OPOTEK optical parametric oscillators can be divided into 4 product categories, where wavelengths are covered from the UV up to and including the mid-IR and pulse energies are supplied from a few mJ up to a few tens of mJ.


A compact "standalone" OPO that can be pumped by various nanosecond lasers. Tuning range 410 - 950 nm, pulse energy 50 mJ at 750 nm.


The most compact, tuneable OPO with integrated pump laser in the world. Different wavelength ranges are possible depending on the model.


A tuneable OPO specially designed for "photoacoustic imaging".


The bigger brother of the Opolette, which delivers higher pulse energies in the UV, VIS and IR.

More on product categories

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