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High power blue lasers from Nuburu

Splash-free copper welding

NUBURU® makes powerful high-performance blue lasers up to 1.5kW: a big step forward in spatter-free welding of copper and other yellow metal sheets.

The NUBURU® blue laser technology makes great gains in speed and quality of existing metal processes possible and paves the way for new designs for both conventional laser metal processing and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Splash-free copper welding makes a large number of new applications possible that cannot be performed with infrared lasers.

Greater absorption of blue laser light

The NUBURU® series blue lasers are available with a power of 200W to 1.5kW with high brightness and due to the short blue wavelength they are very suitable for welding sheets of “difficult” metals such as copper and aluminum. Compared to the absorption by metals of a standard fiber laser, the absorption of blue laser light is 5-20x higher - which of course has strong advantages for the welding process.

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