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Integrating spheres, uniform light sources and diffuse reflection materials

Labsphere is an integrating sphere specialist and therefore makes a whole range of diffuse reflection standards, lamp and LED analysers, UV-SPF analysers and uniform light sources. The company does a lot of special projects in which a complete light measurement system is designed from the ground up, purely based on customer specifications.

The strength of Labsphere

Labsphere is particularly strong in applications such as diffuse reflection calibration standards, uniform light sources for camera calibrations, light measurement systems for LEDs and lamps, and SPF analysers: all based on special integrating spheres and peripherals.

Product groups Labsphere

Light metrology

ILLUMIA-PLUS and ILLUMIA-PRO: New total solution systems based on integrating sphere, spectrometer, calibration, power supply and temperature controller. A complete measurement platform for lamps and LEDs, from low to high power, for manual and automated measurements. You can make a full temperature - current - lumens characterization of your LED sources. You can make your choice at various price and performance levels.

HELIOS series Uniform sources

Perfectly homogeneous light sources, based on integrating sphere technology, with power supply, intensity control, calibration, feedback sensors and software. For light spectra from the UV to the infrared, including the solar spectrum. Such systems are ideally suited for high-quality calibration of your cameras. Labsphere also makes uniform systems that are suitable for use in vacuum, or for spaceborn cameras

SpectrALL series Spectrally Tunable Uniform sources

Uniform sources, designed to simulate almost every light spectrum. These SpectrALL sources have a tunable output spectrum; by hand or created by the SpectrALL software. The software contains algorithms to mimic dozens of  “standard” spectra as well as your own designed spectra. All the SpectrALL sources have an “integrating sphere inside”. Ideal for characterising your image sensors.

Diffuse reflection materials

These perfectly diffuse reflective materials can be made in almost all sizes. Producible in small size and large quantity these are particularly suitable as machine vision targets. For the space industry, Labsphere makes just the opposite: large and very pure; suitable for use in satellites. Spectral reflection certificates are included.

SPF-protection factor instrument

The UV-2000S is the leading instrument for measuring the SPF factor of sunscreen. Due to the optical design and the well-designed software, this UV-2000S can always meet the latest international standards in this field. There is also a UV-2000 version for measuring the SPF factor of textiles, the UV-2000F, according to the applicable standards.

Typical applications for Labsphere products:

  • Calibration targets for satellite cameras
  • Uniform light sources for camera and sensor calibration
  • Light measurement systems for LEDs and luminaires
  • Sunscreen and textile SPF analysers

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