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Laser combiners and CW OPO’s by Hübner Photonics

Extremely compact laser combiner / frequency doubled cw opo

Hübner Photonics GmbH has a wide range of compact single-frequency CW lasers, diode lasers and Q-switched lasers in its portfolio.

The German company Hübner supplies an extremely compact laser combiner, the C-FLEXTM, as well as a frequency doubled CW OPO, the C-WAVETM, which supplies wavelengths in the visible and near-infrared spectrum.

The flexible C-FLEX laser combiner

With the C-FLEX combiner, up to six Cobolt lasers can be combined in one flexible and compact housing. Optionally, AOMs can be integrated to provide the lasers with fast modulation. In addition, both free-space output and fiber coupling are possible.

By using only one power supply and by controlling all lasers with only one user interface, the C-FLEX becomes elegant and easy to use. The C-FLEX is compact and robust. The long-term performance is excellent.

Applications in which the C-FLEX is regularly used:

  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Flow cytometry
  • Optogenetics
  • Photochemistry

The revolutionary CW OPO by Hübner

Until recently, a very wide CW tuneable laser output was only available through complex laser systems that had to be converted from dye to Ti:Sa version or vice versa, and where optical sets had to be changed regularly.

With the solid-state C-WAVE CW OPO from Hübner, this is now a thing of the past. The C-WAVE provides single-frequency CW output in the visible and near-infrared areas and is fully computer-controlled. Because of this you can tune carefree from blue to red to infrared without changing dyes or optical components. This makes the C-WAVE an extremely user-friendly laser source.

Applications in which the C-WAVE is regularly used:

  • Cold atom / Ion trapping
  • Atom physics
  • Quantum optics
  • Holography
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Nano photonics

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