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DPSS and diode lasers by CNI

Lasers with a wide range of wavelengths

The Chinese company Changchun Industries Optoelectronics Tech. Co., Ltd. (CNI) was founded in 1996 and is now the largest supplier of lasers, spectrometers, power meters and optical systems in Asia.

With us in Europe you will encounter the DPSS and diode lasers of CNI more frequently in scientific labs for applications such as confocal microscopy, optogenetics, biomedical research, for didactic purposes, et cetera. The quality is therefore good for the European market, while the price can be kept relatively low.

Which wavelengths are available with CNI?

The table below shows an overview of all wavelengths that CNI can deliver. This is immediately the great strength of CNI: the range of available wavelengths is huge. This means that a CNI laser can be found for every possible application. Fiber coupling as well as analog and digital modulation are also possible.

High quality lasers

When it comes to the quality of these Chinese lasers, we can reassure you; they can compete with lasers from European or American soil. To guarantee the quality of their lasers, CNI has also obtained the necessary ISO-9001, CE, RoHs and FDA certificates.

We are happy to give fitting advice on the product best suited for your application. If you already know exactly what you are looking for, we can immediately provide you with a fitting quotation.

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With years of experience in photonics, our profound technical knowledge will always be of use. Because of that, we can supply the best DPSS and diode lasers for any application, in any market.

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