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Spectrometers and colorimeters by Admesy

High-quality colorimeters and spectrometers for industrial applications

Admesy develops and produces high-quality colori- and spectrometers for industrial applications. Because of the high measuring speed, combined with high accuracy, these sensors are well applicable in production lines. The top-of-the-line spectroradiometer has a UV-sensitivity of 200nm and is TEC cooled for low noise levels and a high dynamic range.

Why you choose for a spectrometer or colorimeter by Admesy:

The equipment by Admesy distinguish themselves by their flexible structure and employability. The included software-suite is very powerful and adjustable to your requests. The software-suite shows parameters such as colour-coordinates (like XYZ, CIEL *a*b, Yuv, L*C*h) and shows time-dependant curves (trend analysis). The equipment can be triggered externally and can be coupled with uSB or RS232.

The sensors can take up to thousands of measurements per second, which not only enables usability in production lines, but also enables researchers to measure rapid effects such as start-up or temperature effects.

Product series by Admesy:

ATLAS – imaging colorimeter: with integrated spectrophotometer, this camera is extremely well suited for measuring spatial light distribution and spectral properties displays and luminaries. Measures luminance, colour, Mura etc.

HERA – spectroradiometer. Excellent linearity, robust and compact. Suitable for R&D use as a non-stop in product environments. The optical input can be designed as a fibre, lens or cosine corrector.

RHEA – spectroradiometer, TEC-cooled, low noise, high dynamic reach, UV from 200nm. Adjustable with different slit widths and gratings for the perfect adaptation to OEM integration.

CRONUS – spectro colorimeter, combined with a tristimulus colorimeter in 1 housing. This combination gives you both the detailed spectral information and the fast measurements of colour, light and flicker. Designed for luminaire and display applications.

HYPERION – colorimeter highly accurate CIE1931 XYZ-colorimeter for display measurements and in-line production lines. Available in single lens versions as well as versions with multiple lenses and with different angles.

MSE – colorimeter: the ultimate choice for fast and accurate colour measurements in a production line. The small and robust housing has been designed for this. With built-in shutter for dark measurements.

ASTERIA – spectrometer: a super-fast meter suitable for absolute luminance, illuminance and flicker measurements. Suitable for in-line production measurements. Available with lens, cosine collecto or fibre.

STEROPES-LED and STEROPES-HDX – light source: stabilised light source (LED of halogen) with internal colorimeter feedback. 0,1% stability. Available in warm-white and cold-white LED-spectrum, respectively halogen and blue-enhanced halogen.

Common applications:

  • Characterising displays such as telephone screens, LCD, E-paper, OLED.
  • LED-measurements: radiance/luminance, spectrum, colour coordinates, CCT, flicker etc.
  • Transmission measurements on, for example, glass, plastics, foils, coatings, LCD cells, liquids.
  • Solar cell characterising, colour, uniformity, AR-coating thickness.
  • Reflective measurements to paper, E-readers, plastics and coatings.

We are happy to give you fitting advice on the product best suited for your application. If you already know exactly what you are looking for, we can immediately provide you with a fitting quotation.

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