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Xeryon piezo stages

Precision linear and rotation stages for researchers-by researchers

Xeryon is a producer of compact and fast precision linear stages and rotation stages that use ultrasonic technology. By using the 'Crossfixx' ultrasonic technology patented by Xeryon, these piezo stages can move extremely precisely, quickly and silently. The ceramic materials guarantee a very long service life of the drive.

Unique features Xeryon Crossfixx ultrasonic piezo stages:

  • Compact, precise, lightweight, affordable
  • Linear stages up to 100mm travel
  • Rotary stages of just 50 grams
  • Multi-axis positioning systems
  • Single and multi-axis controllers
  • Noiseless
  • Fast
  • Vibration-free movement
  • No energy consumption when stationary
  • With position encoder
  • SEM-compatible
  • Vacuum and non-magnetic versions
  • GUI-software, as well as API’s for Python, Labview, C++

The Productline of Xeryon

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  • Production automation
  • Medical technology
  • Instrumentation
  • Metrology
  • Research setups
  • Space travel

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