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Colorimeters and photometers by Westboro Photonics

Light and colour measurement systems

Westboro Photonics is a leading Canadian supplier of measuring equipment for LED, display, light and colour measurements with more than 20 years of experience. Westboro designs, develops and produces instrumentation to measure and characterize light emission, reflection and transmittance.

At Westboro people are aware that there are high expectations with regard to accuracy, production capacity and cost reduction. Ease of use, reproducibility and continuity are of crucial importance in your research & development, laboratories, test facilities and production lines. For this Westboro offers innovative light measurement solutions that save you a lot of time and can be set up quickly and easily.

Imaging Colorimeters

For highly accurate, reproducible 2D colour and brightness measurements, Westboro’s Imaging provides Colorimeters in combination with Photometrica software. Also with cooled sensors and high-speed options for higher productivity or with a built-in spectroradiometer for increased accuracy.

  • Viewing angle measurement WP214 Imaging Colorimeters and spectroradiometer
  • Compact, accurate, high resolution WP6 series Imaging Colorimeters
  • Compact, accurate, high resolution WP6E series Imaging Colorimeters with EF-lens
  • Compact, accurate, high resolution WP6ES series Imaging Colorimeters with EF-lens and spectroradiometer
  • High speed Multi Camera MCIC WP4 series Imaging Colorimeters, with optional spectroradiometer
  • Zichthoekmeting WP214 Imaging Colorimeters en spectroradiometer
  • Compacte, nauwkeurige, hoge resolutie WP6 serie Imaging Colorimeters
  • Compacte, nauwkeurige, hoge resolutie WP6E serie Imaging Colorimeters met EF-lens
  • Compacte, nauwkeurige, hoge resolutie WP6ES serie Imaging Colorimeters met EF-lens en spectroradiometer
  • Hogesnelheid Multi Camera MCIC WP4 serie Imaging Colorimeters, optioneel met spectroradiometer

Imaging Photometers

For accurate, reproducible luminance measurements, Westboro Photonics offers Imaging Photometers. High accuracy, large dynamic range, superior performance, viewing angles up to 80°, a wide range of image resolutions and a wide choice of lenses, supported by the powerful Photometrica software.

  • Compact, fast P series Imaging Photometers
  • Cooled WP6P series Imaging Photometers, manual lens
  • Cooled WP6PE series Imaging Photometers with EF-lens
  • Cooled WP6PES series Imaging Photometers with spectroradiometer
  • Conometer 80 Imaging Photometer with viewing angle of 80°

Applications of Westboro light measuring systems

Flat Panel Displays:

  • Development and inspection of flat panel displays

Automotive lighting:

  • Interior: centre consoles, instruments, graphic signs, lighting
  • Exterior: headlights, rear lights, decorative light lines, et cetera

Aviation/Space travel:

  • Control and balancing lighting panels and lamps for optimum safety and comfort of pilots, crew and passengers

VR / AR:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) / Near Eye Display (NED) glasses
  • Prevention and control of distortion and defects in the image


  • Event lighting and other demanding lighting applications

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