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UVEX LaserVision products for laser safety

Laser glasses – laser curtains – laser shielding

The LaserVision company is the German subsidiary of the UVEX safety group, which is a worldwide supplier and producer of laser safety products.

Products by LaserVision

  • Laser safety glasses with special glass filters that allow protection factors up to O.D. 10 (factor 1E+10 attenuation).
  • In addition to a standard range of filters, you can also produce customer-specific filters based on a filter glass database. At the moment there are approximately 6000 different filters in this database.
  • Special solutions for medical laser applications
  • Cabin viewing windows with laser protection glass
  • Laser protection curtains
  • Laser protection walls

LaserVision applications

  • Scientific applications (pico- / femtosecond lasers)
  • Medical applications
  • Customer-specific applications
  • Industrial environmental protection 

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