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FARO laser engraving software and scan control hardware

Powerful software and hardware support for every control card

FARO - the former Lanmark Controls - manufactures powerful laser marking software and scan control hardware. The interfacing between the laser, motor tables and galvo scan head is fully synchronized with the help of these scan controllers and software.

Products by FARO

WinLase Professional software
WinLase Lite

WinLase Professional software is a powerful laser marking solution for Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista. The WinLase Professional software supports the most popular PCI scan control control cards currently available such as the RTC/3, RTC/4, SCANalone and the HC/3.

LEC-1 Ethernet-based Scan Controller

The LEC-1 is a laser beam positioning and control card for high end laser marking systems. The Ethernet-based LEC-1 can work without the help of a PC (standalone).

I/O Interface Modules

I/O Interface modules takes care of the communication between the control card, laser and scan head. It is possible for machine builders to gain access to the card in various ways.

SPI G3 control interface

FARO has developed an interface kit especially for the SPI G3 fiber laser.

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