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Enduramark The CO2 Laser Marking Spray for professionals

List price:Eur 63,25 per spray can

With ENDURAMARK you can realize durable markings on metal,
glass and ceramics when you engrave it with a CO2 laser.

What are the benefits of the Enduramark aerosols?

  •  Permanent markings.
  •  Three colours for laser metal marking.
  •  UV and chemicals resistant.
  •  No hassle with pasta.

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Stainless steel Aluminium Nickel
Magnesium Lead Zinc
Titanium Gold plated metals  Brass 

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ENDURAMARK Silver for:






High-quality stylish apperance
Chique look

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ENDURAMARK Diamond Dust for:






Available in an aerosol can
sparkling apperance and shine 

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Permanent black marking
Glass & Ceramic 

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