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Walk in Test Booth for Virus Specimen Detection

Korea Kiyon is the leading Glovebox manufacturer in the world.Korea Kiyon applied the Glovebox and Medical Isolator Technologies to the “Walking Through Booth".Top-Notch ULPA Filtering Technology applied in our Booth system gives a perfect protection from any Virus contamination and Penetration.Either Negative and Positive Pressurized Booth gives a perfect safety for both medical staffs and public.Applicable fields: Airports, Hospitals, Government facilities, Virus Testing facilities etc. Optionally a Sterilizer could be built in in the future.

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1 Person Walking Thru Booth

Scenario:a Medical staff without wearing personal protective gear positions inside the positive pressurized booth for virus sample extraction while purblic is in a queue outside the booth. Est. Booth size: 1 x 1 x 2(H)m
Characteristics:ULPA filter replaceable for Virus contamination filteringExpandable, Modular and Easy Movable Est. Flow rate: 0.4m/s

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